Women Cut  --  $48 - 90*

Men Cut  --  $36-$72*

Blow-dry & Style  --  $36-$67*

Special Occasion  --  $60-$90*

Bang Trim  --  Complimentary

*Additional charges may apply for long and/or thick hair


Base Color (regrowth only) --  $68-$110*

all over color  --  $88-$130*

Partial Highlights   --  $92-$155*

Full Highlights  --  $104-$177*

Ombre/Balayage  --  $104-$177*

Color Correction  --  $150-$175 per hour

Men’s Color Blending  --  $24-$28*

*Extra color may be needed for long and/or thick hair, $10 for each additional bowl of color may be applied


Gloss Treatment --  $60-$100*

treat me --  $35* (repair, nourishment, color protection, anti-aging, and volume!)

Hydrating treatment  --  $20-$25* (deep conditioning TREATMENT)

*Extra product may be needed for thick and/or long hair, $10-$50 for additional product may be applied


Keratin Smoothing Treatment  --  $116-$212*

Perms  -- $164-$308*

Chemical Relaxers  --  $164-308*

Extra product may be needed for thick and/or long hair, additional cost may be applied


If you've been longing for length, volume, or dimensional color, hair extensions will enable you to customize your look with precision and quality care.

At Salon Elle we specialize in up to 5 different hair extension techniques. We use the best 100% human hair available on the market.

STEP 1: Book your consultation by calling 858.456.7552.  

STEP 2: During this time one of our extension specialist will go over your options, pricing, care, and maintenance. You will then make a deposit and we'll order your hair. Salon Elle requires a 50% deposit to order your hair and secure your appointment for your application (once your hair is ordered this deposit is non-refundable).

STEP 3: Schedule your application appointment. Application times vary depending on the type of extensions you have done.

eyelash extensions

Each set of lashes is personally designed with your natural eye shape and desired look in mind.

We use the highest quality products on the market. 

natural full set --  $175 (1hr 15min)

We use multiple lightweight synthetic lashes to one natural lash. Resulting in a fuller look with more lash coverage while maintaining a natural look.

extra full set -- $225 (2hrs)

Using the same technique of multiple lightweight synthetic lashes to one natural lash. We use twice as many extensions then our natural. Resulting in a fuller and fluffier look.

natural fill -- $75 (45min)

Every 2-3 weeks to maintain

extra full fill -- $95 (1hr 15min)

Every 2-3 weeks to maintain 

LASH LIFT & DIP -- $155 (1hr)

This technique is keratin lash lift of your natural lashes. The end results will be curlier, darker natural lashes. It lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks.